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Katy! Katy!
August 27, 2008

Am I like the only one that feels almost ashame to sing this song! It’s like a cute little tune, but I don’t want to kiss a girl. This young up and coming star Katy Perry has everybody singing her hit single, “I kissed a girl!”. Wa wa wee wa!! Really! She has one of the most talked about pop album this year. She has two nominations actually for best female video and best new artist. Katy has a cute little style too almost pin-up meets girl next door! Go ahead Katy do your thing, but i still think I’m going to hmmm ur lyrics for now! J/K!


R they really back?
August 26, 2008

80’s Fad is Back?

Well are they really back? I remember having a in depth convo. to my buddy BeckyBillions about these infamous 1980’s fad acid wash jeans. I said, “you know what I want a pair of right now, some acid wash jeans”. She said girl they will never come back, they need to stay in the 80’s. Call me a psychic but about three months later I saw a pair in the Urban O. catalog. I said see they coming back just like I said. But to tell you the truth I never really saw people wearing them out in the streets. So we have this ongoing battle about acid wash jeans. About two weeks back we walk into Guess, a black pair of slightly acid wash jeans. I pointed it out she said Nope not ever! Then about a door away to Macy’s they were all over the place in like 5 different colors!!! I said what you got to say now? Ladies and gentlemen tell me why a pair of them in pink are in her closet now. Back or Not acid wash is in my budget !!!

August 26, 2008

Shocking Holla #1

Well yesturday when i was walking down metro atlanta I heard a voice but ladies we know the whole spissin game. So i ignored it. Ask me why the guys reverse on a one way street and expect me to give him a time of day!. He said, “See girl I did all of this for you!”. I laughed it off and said man you about to get hit!! As i was saying that three cars behind them were honking. Lord that was the most shocking holla ever in time!!!. If you have another shocking holla leave me yours in a comment!!!

“Introducing A.lexxBling”
August 26, 2008

Hello my name is A.lexxBling*. I am an aspiring stylist located in Atlanta, GA. But I am originally from Miami, FL. I currently am attending Savannah College of Art and Design. I want to write down the things i think about from a day to day bases!!!! So i’m Here!!! LOL well keep a look out for more interesting post this one is just introducing myself to you !!!.