Fashion Show Anyone!

You Can Make A Difference!

Well if you are in the Midtown Atlanta,GA area on the 11th of October make sure you a buy a ticket to attend the You Can Make a Difference Fashionada! The foundation was started by Don and Sylvia Shaw, their daughter at the age of 33 passed away from melanoma skin cancer, and this is their tribute to her. The foundation wants to create awareness about this cancer so there will be free melonama screenings at the event. By the way it is a Betesy Johnson Fashion show and dance choreography by David Norwood! Make a difference and stop by!  Also there is a model casting for the fashion show if you are interested see !


2 Responses

  1. Fighting cancer is so important, and funding for more cancer research is vitalf for this.

  2. How come there is only mention of Betsy Johnson and David Norwood. They where not the only designers there. There was ZARA, MASON, JANE, and ANTHONY SHAW.

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