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The BET Awards Cypher!
October 25, 2008

Well Well BET this is something Different Corey Gunz and K’naan please yall the illest I’m Loving it!



Power Killer!!!
October 21, 2008

The Yacht Murder of Thomas and Jackie Hawks

UPDATE: So apparently Skylar tried to saw off his own penis with a razor blade. How did he get a razor blade? I don’t know and the police that were watching the cell has no clue. He didn’t succeed. He was transported to the hospital, stiched up, and then transported back to the cell. Skylar is now held in a mental ward within the prison. If you ask me when you throw somebody off a boat and aim towards the anchor, you should have been in the mental ward in the beginning!

More like Power Killer instead of power ranger! Skylar Deleon was convicted of three counts of first degree murder of Thomas and Jackie Hawks in Santa Ana, California on monday (October 20). One couple was even tied to an anchor and thrown off board. Crazy?, nope not yet, Skylar formally John Jacobson, formally a Power Ranger extra, we all use to watch “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers! His wife Jennifer Henderson also was convicted in 2006 to life in prison without the chance of parole. If that wasn’t bad enough Deleon was also found guilty of murdering Jon Jarvi, of Anaheim, in 2003. Prosecutors had said Deleon met Jarvi in a work furlough program while serving jail time for burglary, and killed him in Mexico after Jarvi gave him $50,000. See those child hood stars never have the good life on or off television! It’s all over the internet if you want more of the story!

Sk8tique Store Opening!
October 20, 2008

On Friday this had to be the best BET awards weekend party I went to. The skate shop is located in the old wish building in Little Five Points, Stevie Williams is Bomb! Everybody was there Ne-Yo, E-40, The Cool Kids, Dj Just You know your girls Bling, Billions, and Jonsey was in the building. Check us out! And also I have some pictures from “Where  My Clothes” check out ya girl Lexx, Renaldo Nehemiah, and Becky!

Wear My Clothes!
October 16, 2008

Spring 09 Collection at it’s Best!!!
October 15, 2008

First picture is Balenciaga, from there is Chanel, Dolce & Gabana, Marc Jacobs, and the last two are of Ralph Lauren! Loving the wrispy pant!

Let’s Talk about Avant Garde!
October 15, 2008

These items just right off the back caught my eye! The first item is a Balenciaga Crocodile wristlet. The second item are of course the red sole genius Christian Louboutin Platform Python ruffle detail Pump. And the last item is of Givenchy mirrored sandal!

Broke n Boujee October 16, 2008!!!
October 15, 2008

New pics By: Hannibal!!!!

*Beyonce: Single Ladies*
October 14, 2008

Beyonce: Single Ladies (Put a Ring on it)

Newly released video on the 14th of October 2008 Single Ladies is again another hit for Beyonce. Beyonce I give you major love for revamping yourself every year! The choreography in this video is on point it’s full jazz with dance line feel to it. I am bowing down to Jaquel Knight, choreographer of this video. Please if anyone can find the names of these two dancers in the video let me know.  They were both amazing, the darker skinned one technique is on point i would argue if anyone didn’t know Beyonce, she out shinned her with the dancing! Sexy but dance is the artistic major points here!

Breaking the Band
October 10, 2008

Is it a Break-up?

Well i guess we all saw the episode on where Diddy confronts Danity Kane about the future of the group. Well blow number one Aundrea is put on the spot and confronted that she sent Diddy an email that she wanted out of the group because she felt that they didn’t get along and that she had personal issues. Blow number two Diddy confronts Aubrey that she sent an email also wanting to leave the group and says she is fed up with the dis honesty and the management issues. Blow number three Dawn breaks it down for us and basically says yo we don’t get along, people don’t show up to performances, and we suck in reality! Blow number four D.Woods says she have no beef with no one, and Shannon says nothing! yatah yatah! Blow number five is the blow of them all! Aubrey breaks it down and explains that she basically is jealous because Diddy is using Dawn on his mixtapes for demos. Diddy doesn’t have to explain shit to you Aubrey, you are a ant in his fucking ant farm. He is your boss and you don’t have to know everything! And you have a slick mouth thanks goodness you aren’t in corporate america girl you wouldn’t have a job!!! Ever sense last season I was wondering why you were still there. Please he can replace you with someone that has talent. Boy she was making me mad! And Diddy is a mess but bout business and once you jeopardize that you gotta go! Well part two comes on next week so stayed tuned!

So we all saw the finale yesturday! I was a little sad for them. I feel that society has an dying need for what goes on in people’s lives but we tend to forget that this is real. Aubrey was acting just a little weird after her heart to heart plead to  just understand where she was coming from! Diddy didn’t care and Aundrea was on the verge of crying to sum up the events last night. Oh yeah and D.Woods out the group. Now that shocked me, she handled hers like a true woman and thanked Diddy for the opportunity. Um what else Q went off about how Aubrey was jealous of Dawn and blah blah. All these Making the Bands have a hisory of groups breaking up so I’m a little but not to much surprised!

My President by: Poetic Tease
October 10, 2008

I Pledge of Allegiance to the flag of the United States of America.And to the republic for which I really don’t know what it stands,“One Nation”, under WHO’s God,Indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.This poem isn’t about how you should get up to register and vote.Because if you haven’t yet,Bless your heart and soul.Or how a 700 billion bail out plan,Should or should not be revoked.Nor about how McCain, Obama, you or I believe,What this economy has for us in stores.This is about being ready for a change,One we’ve never experienced before.One we shouldn’t be unsure or afraid of,Because I declare,Change and love,That yes we can get rid of this war.And that Barack Obama will become…My president because in my mind, he has already won.My president won’t be forced out by water holes,He will not see the fire,For he will not be hung! My president, though his middle name is Husain,I still believe in, a man, a politician;He will not be misunderstood.He has become a part of a revolution. My president is a part of this world,Where people vote for an American Idol much more…Quicker than to see the red states out scored.Many claim not to judge my president,By any means by the color of his skin or race…Then why is it that he can’t express his emotions,On the podium with his fist?Because he will be known as the rest of the “angry black men”.My president can access the Internet,Connect through an online base,To hear out what others have to say.But unlike McCain,Barack Obama is technology literate,So I wonder can McCain even access his own web page?Is that what you call a change?My President alone isn’t the change,It’s we who have the power to obtain,What seems to be the impossible:A black man for president,Because a white man has become the usual.Because the reality is my president isn’t afraid,So they fear his control.

My President inspired the convict to fight for his rights, and earn back his privileges as a citizen.My President lifted a group of single mothers from their miseries, and into life with HOPE.My President should be praised,For giving us the opportunity and freedom,To run with this chance,To open new doors. One heart, one difference, one vote,One change, one date, for one better world.My president isn’t only here to face the mistakes the last republican endured.But as well, to unite a country as one,To fight extreme poverty, aids, and for every child to attend school.This is about my President willing to conquer,What no other being has done before.My President is Barack Obama.Now I know that death doesn’t await for me,So soon at my door.

-I don’t want to say to much to take away from the poem, but this young lady puts her heart and soul into each poem she writes. I love that it’s not about the information we already know about Obama it’s up to you to make the decision if he is your president, just like it’s up to you to vote! Simply put go out and VOTE!!! You can check out more of her poems at