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The Space Age Hits Theaters!
November 25, 2008

SO for the last couple of weeks i have been talking bout space being the influence in fashion and this new age of something being close to avant garde! I’m really excited about the new Star Trek movie due out to be released May 8, 2009. Enjoy the trailer! The Space Age is in full effect!


Rihanna: Rehab
November 18, 2008

Newly released video: Nov. 18, 2008

Rihanna’s: Rehab was released on her album A Good Girl Gone Bad. The video also stars Justin Timberlake, Timberlake and Timberland wrote the song and also contributed some back round vocals. The video was shot in Vasquez Rocks Park, outside of Los Angeles, CA. Rihanna’s wardrobe stylist kudos! I really need to follow these examples. I was trying to find her stylist name, if some one knows leave me a comment! Be geez Rihanna loving the look ! Here are some stills from the shoot!



Broke & Boujee The 808 & Heartbreak Edition
November 17, 2008


Veteren’s Day
November 11, 2008


Let’s take the time out for today and remember!

Leggings Going Artsy!!!!
November 9, 2008

I liked leggings but just never wore them because i didn’t know how to rock them hard. But these designers took regular leggings changed fabrics and outlook and made them an artform you want to wear! Loving this spin!


Sunny Spirograpg prints by: Threeasfour


All white look with holes: A.F. Vandevorst


MOd, MOd, MOd by: Viktor& Rolf


Space- ageĀ  leggings anchor the floaty frills by:Nina Ricci


They says wild west tribute I say Tribal by: Givenchy


Faint heart I say broken glass by: Alexander McQueen

Barack Obama is President!
November 5, 2008


Let us unite and change the world!

Who is your President?
November 4, 2008


Please GO out and VOTE!

Let’s Make a Change!!!