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Designer of the week: Gareth Pugh
March 30, 2009

I picked Gareth Pugh to be the designer of the week because he took today’s technology and turned Paris Fashion week out, with his Computerized Runway show! Innovative and the cinematography was amazing!!! Kudos!


First Ladies vs. High Fashion!
March 29, 2009

Laura Bush vs. Max Mara 09 Short Hair

Laura Bush vs. Max Mara 09 Short Hair


Model Spotlight!
March 27, 2009

10f57kg (more…)

Major Shipment!
March 27, 2009


So we know about the collabo between H&M and Matthew Williamson is happening this spring. Well the store didn’t plan for the high demands, so there is an extra shipment coming in on the 14th of May. Ok you guys can wipe the sweat of ur heads! LOL but the collection is a nice incentive to add to the store! First shipment April 25, 2009!

Look of the Day!
March 27, 2009

Chanel Iman in Phi

Need, Want & Gotta Have!!!!
March 25, 2009


Now let’s see if you can match the titles to the pictures! Leave comments…..

Shoes You Can’t Kick Ass In!!!!
March 25, 2009

giuliano-fujiwara-autumn-2009-accessories-01 (more…)

Kanye? Robotics?
March 23, 2009

Here is the cover of the April/ May 09 complex, who graces the page no other than ya boy Kanye West. These images were computer generated to give it this robotic feel on the cover. Nice touch I might say! The magazine will be available April 7, 2009 make sure you cop a copy!

Cool, Cool Kitty!
March 23, 2009

This video was put out by Mac Cosmetics featuring their Hello Kitty line of make-up!

Exchange of Excellance
March 23, 2009

Victoria Beckham usually accompanied by her husband David but today we all can see she is flying solo on this Armani shoot!!! What spicegirl I wanted to be: Posh! This is exactly why!