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We all say Hella…
February 28, 2010

One of the branches of the design house, just so happen to come from the west cost, is Ernest O. aka McFrezco. Awesome graphic designer and artist… This is part of his hellafamous project… Wanna see who made the cut, Make our way to his site…
Designer: Ernest O. ( @somcfresh )


Hues of Purple…
February 28, 2010

Pucci Prints
February 28, 2010

Emilio Pucci was shown in Milan with brilliant print, silhouettes, and color… Continuing to see color being used very brilliantly this season. Picked a few of my faves of course, Here is the Vid enjoy!

Behind the MDesigns…
February 28, 2010

So kiddies give you an inside scoop of this shoot I helped out on today. Floridity, Power, and Movement is key. It was a pleasure working with Whitney, Mike, and Chelsea the team effort produced something magical today! Can’t wait for the next one… Enjoy I’ll post the edited ones when I get them back! Click on the pics… they get bigger

Model: Whitney Carter
Photographer: Mike Cooke (@mikedesignsatl)
Make-Up: Chelsea Smith (@Chellz_Bellz)
Styling: Me, Jasmine Campbell (@LXINGTON)
You can find the pics soon on , While your waiting on these pics check his site out, amazing dude I tell yah!

Future Robot
February 27, 2010

The future of Fashion mmm, metal gear, and specs that resembles Cyclops’s I can dig that. I’ve been thinking about it myself. This season you are seeing a lot of plastic glazes being used by designers such as Marc Jacobs and Versace… It seems to be a trend so after all we are not to far from metal headgears …

Log Cabin’s in Milan Cont’d…
February 27, 2010

I thought I would give you men’s wear too. D&G Menswear Fall 2010. Here are my picks, I love the mix of pattern, leather, velvet, and color…

Log Cabin’s in Milan…
February 27, 2010

Starting of Milan on a snowy note. With a log cabin feel D&G gives us pattern, bodysuits, and skiing gear … A few of my selections and of course I recommend seeing the video so I posted that for you as well indulge a little…

Sex and the City II…
February 27, 2010

I truly can’t wait for the second edition to drop… I’m so excited gonna do my 21st up with this movie, perfect timing!

Psycho Trip…
February 26, 2010

Director: Bon Duke
Headpieces: Savannah Wyatt
Model: Johanna
Music: D.I.M- Is You…

Padded Walls
February 26, 2010

Photographer: Miguel Villalobos