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New Site, Again New Site!
May 21, 2010

I know I know, my followers don’t like their cheese move, but it’s new! my new site, come check it out! Lovlies!


Throwback X Dave Chapelle X Making the Band
May 19, 2010

I had to get a laugh in, LMAO one of my fave episodes!

GaGa X Mac X Tokyo
May 18, 2010

Posted recently lady gaga in Tokyo for Mac collection.. Here is a video of the performance…

Most Outrageous Vid !!!
May 16, 2010

Major Lazer – Pon De Floor!
OMG, soo at school going in on some homework, and how did I land on this I have no idea but believe me you will be entertained! lol

Diggy Simmons X What They Been Waiting For
May 16, 2010

Why Diggy so nice…! I believe in this kid… kudos positivity and good karma towards Diggy! lol

May 15, 2010

Dark I know!

Model: @ouiouiparis
Photographer: @MIKEDESIGNSatl
Intern: @thelovelykree
Make-up: @Chellz_Bellz
Styling: Me @LXINGTON

Splash of Color X Vixen Mag
May 15, 2010

Believe me this brighten up my day… lol

Model: Lydia Hearst
Photographer: Elias Wessel
Styled by: Storm Pedersen
Publication: Vixen Magazine

Artistic Eyes…
May 12, 2010

Model: Judith Bedard
Photography: Takuya Uchiyama
This is why I love Nippon! Artistic way to do eyes, and the lashes are sick!

Tub. Flowers. Fashion. Oh My!
May 11, 2010

I always try to find some new inspiration for photoshoots, I love this shot!

Oh Lily…
May 11, 2010

SOooo if I haven’t made it clear, Lily Cole is my favorite model! I mean my croquis immolate her long lasting limbs!

Model: Lily Cole
Photographer: Wolfgang Mustain
Publication: Wig (Issue #3, 2007)