Throwback X Dave Chapelle X Making the Band
May 19, 2010

I had to get a laugh in, LMAO one of my fave episodes!


Cassie X Diddy X Gareth Pugh
March 4, 2010

Take that paps, Diddy and Cassie spotted at Gareth Pugh’s fall/winter 2010 collection in Tokyo… Missed the show here is a clip…

Cassie Uh UH!!
April 28, 2009


Damn I didn’t know Diddy make you this crazy?!!! LMAO

Making History: Sworn in Ceremony for Barack and Biden
January 21, 2009


Wear My Clothes!
October 16, 2008

Breaking the Band
October 10, 2008

Is it a Break-up?

Well i guess we all saw the episode on where Diddy confronts Danity Kane about the future of the group. Well blow number one Aundrea is put on the spot and confronted that she sent Diddy an email that she wanted out of the group because she felt that they didn’t get along and that she had personal issues. Blow number two Diddy confronts Aubrey that she sent an email also wanting to leave the group and says she is fed up with the dis honesty and the management issues. Blow number three Dawn breaks it down for us and basically says yo we don’t get along, people don’t show up to performances, and we suck in reality! Blow number four D.Woods says she have no beef with no one, and Shannon says nothing! yatah yatah! Blow number five is the blow of them all! Aubrey breaks it down and explains that she basically is jealous because Diddy is using Dawn on his mixtapes for demos. Diddy doesn’t have to explain shit to you Aubrey, you are a ant in his fucking ant farm. He is your boss and you don’t have to know everything! And you have a slick mouth thanks goodness you aren’t in corporate america girl you wouldn’t have a job!!! Ever sense last season I was wondering why you were still there. Please he can replace you with someone that has talent. Boy she was making me mad! And Diddy is a mess but bout business and once you jeopardize that you gotta go! Well part two comes on next week so stayed tuned!

So we all saw the finale yesturday! I was a little sad for them. I feel that society has an dying need for what goes on in people’s lives but we tend to forget that this is real. Aubrey was acting just a little weird after her heart to heart plead to¬† just understand where she was coming from! Diddy didn’t care and Aundrea was on the verge of crying to sum up the events last night. Oh yeah and D.Woods out the group. Now that shocked me, she handled hers like a true woman and thanked Diddy for the opportunity. Um what else Q went off about how Aubrey was jealous of Dawn and blah blah. All these Making the Bands have a hisory of groups breaking up so I’m a little but not to much surprised!