May 15, 2010

Dark I know!

Model: @ouiouiparis
Photographer: @MIKEDESIGNSatl
Intern: @thelovelykree
Make-up: @Chellz_Bellz
Styling: Me @LXINGTON


Red Mushroom…
April 18, 2010

Miss my Red Hair…
Photographer: Justin Holmes

LXINGTON the Florist….
March 23, 2010

Shoppin is what I do….
March 23, 2010

mi in victoria secret, mad at this bathing suit… I didn’t buy it! lol 😦

Art, I does this….
March 23, 2010

Me at the Greg Mike show, amazing….

Behind the MDesigns…
February 28, 2010

So kiddies give you an inside scoop of this shoot I helped out on today. Floridity, Power, and Movement is key. It was a pleasure working with Whitney, Mike, and Chelsea the team effort produced something magical today! Can’t wait for the next one… Enjoy I’ll post the edited ones when I get them back! Click on the pics… they get bigger

Model: Whitney Carter
Photographer: Mike Cooke (@mikedesignsatl)
Make-Up: Chelsea Smith (@Chellz_Bellz)
Styling: Me, Jasmine Campbell (@LXINGTON)
You can find the pics soon on , While your waiting on these pics check his site out, amazing dude I tell yah!

February 24, 2010

Hello all I have neglected you for the past few months… Believe me I have missed you guys, my earthlings… Muah New Hair and New Attitude… Let’s GO 2010!!!!